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TIR Trainers must complete a rigorous certification/accreditation process to qualify for certification, and are required to re-certify every three years. Additional strength arises from the diversity of backgrounds and dedication to principles that these people represent.

TIR Trainers Alphabetical Listing (Grouped by Country of Primary Residence)

  1.   Eduardo Cazabat (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  2.   Elizabeth Clark (Campbelltown, NSW Australia)
  3.   Madeleine Lejeune-Vandergoten (Brussels, Belgium)
  4.   Pauline Carey (Delta, BC Canada)
  5.   Mary Goossen-Scott (Port Hope, ON Canada, also working in New York)
  6.   Jane Kennedy (Toronto, ON Canada)
  7.   Mindy Kollman (White Rock, BC Canada)
  8.   Margaret Nelson (Barrie, ON Canada)
  9.   Pam Sikal (Vernon, BC Canada)
  10.   Leora Splett (Kelowna, BC Canada)
  11.   Barb Ayres (Letchworth Garden City, Hertsfordshire, England)
  12.   John Durkin, PhD (London and Nottingham, England)
  13.   Victor Lyons (Victoria, London, England)
  14.   Ewa Manias (North Wembley, Middlesex, England)
  15.   Henry Whitfield (London, England)
  16.   Astrid Saragosa (Weilheim, Germany)
  17.   Mahmud Said (Israel and Palestine)
  18.   Gamal Dakduki (Israel and Palestine)
  19.   Giovanni Crivellaro (Milano, Italy)
  20.   Kazue Minamori (Tokyo, Japan)
  21.   Dr. Elca Erlank (Gauteng, South Africa)
  22.   Gerald French (Johannesburg, South Africa)
  23.   Wendy French (Johannesburg, South Africa)
  24.   Rev. Louis Hough (Western Cape, South Africa)
  25.   Yvonne Retief (Pretoria, South Africa)
  26.   Jan Viljoen (Pretoria, South Africa)
  27.   Jennifer Holder Dolly, PhD (Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago)
  28.   Michael Brechtel (Miami, FL USA)
  29.   Teresa Descilo (Miami, FL USA)
  30.   Jim Hussey (Portland, OR USA)
  31.   Aerial Long (Sherwood, OR USA)
  32.   Ragnhild Malnati (Silver Spring, MD USA)
  33.   Kathryn McCormack-Chen (Mclean, VA USA)
  34.   Cynthia Scott (Guilford, Maine, USA)
  35.   Kate Sorensen (Flagstaff, AZ USA)
  36.   Judith Steiner (Venice, FL USA)
  37.   Carlos Velazquez-Garcia (San Juan, Puerto Rico USA)
  38.   Marian Volkman (Ann Arbor, MI USA)
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