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Certified/Accredited TIR Facilitator Listings - Russia, Africa, India

Levels of Certification/Accreditation for Facilitators
Level:Full Name:Abbreviation:Certified/Accredited to deliver:
1.Certified/Accredited TIR FacilitatorTIRFTIR
2.Certified/Accredited LSR FacilitatorLSRFA complete Life Stress Reduction Program (including TIR where appropriate)
3.Certified/Accredited Ability Enhancement FacilitatorAEFTIR, LSR, the viewing Curriculum, and a wide range of other specialized Ability Enhancement Programs

If you do not find a Certified/Accredited practitioner listed in your area see also TIR Workshop Graduate Listings - Russia, Africa, India (below) for additional contacts. Listings are alphabetical by location.

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Russia, Africa, India Region includes: India , Mongolia , Russia , South Africa
Moscow Oleg V. Matveev, BS, TIRF, LSRF, TIRT, LSRT, AEF
Oleg Matveev originally trained as a physicist. His second field of expertise was translation/interpreting. In 1998, Oleg opened his psychological practice. He is certified as a TIR and LSR Facilitator and Trainer, as well as a Certified Ability Enhancement Facilitator (formerly called Applied Metapsychology Facilitator), since 2002. He has accumulated more than 15,000 hours of individual sessions with clients from all over the world. Currently he delivers individual sessions in person and on line, as well as group trainings.
Phone: +7 903-114-9340
Email: olegmatv@gmail.com
Gauteng, Elarduspark, Pretoria Dr. Elca Erlank
Phone: 0845976464
Email: elca.erlank@gmail.com
Gauteng, Pretoria Rev.J.F. Viljoen, BA, DIP TEOL, Traumatic Incident Reduction Facilitator, Traumatic Incident Reduction Trainer
Jan Viljoen is a retired military chaplain with 35 years experience in pastoral and narrative counselling. He retired as the Head of Pastoral Services of 1 Military Hospital in Pretoria. He served as member of the hospital's multi-disciplinary team in the Psychiatric Department. Jan is a registered counsellor (SACC CO 1569) and runs a private practice in Pretoria. He completed his internship under the supervision of Yvonne Retief. With his motto "Help, Healing, Hope", his focus is on people who carries the burdens of trauma.
Phone: +27 81 241 0676
Email: berader@vodamail.co.za
Pretoria, Pretoria South & Pretoria East Yvonne Retief, TIRF, LSRF, Senior TIRT, LSRT
I am a counsellor with more than 30 years of experience in marriage, individual and trauma counselling as well as working with adult survivors of childhood abuse. In 2000 I did the TIRW and have been using this technique extensively in my practice. I subsequently did LSR and TIR EAW as well as the rest of my internship as an accredited TIRW Trainer under Gerald. I have trained about 100 TIR Practitioners and have six people in training for accreditation.
Phone: +27 (0) 12 345-6215
Email: retief.yvonne@gmail.com
Western Cape, Bredasdorp Rev. Louis Hough, BA, BD, TIR and LSR Facilitator, TIR and LSR Trainer
Louis is a qualified minister of religion, schooled in Pastoral and Trauma Counselling with 34 years experience as a chaplain, of which 3 years was in a war zone. He did his internship in TIR (Trauma Counselling) and Co-presented 4 TIR workshops with Yvonne Retief. He specialise in PTSD (old trauma), recent traumatic incidents & other life stress issues. He strives to set people free from the influence of their past experiences (healing the emotional scars of your past.)
Phone: 082-7725559
Email: louishough@telkomsa.net
Western Cape, Cape Town and Gauteng, Pretoria Karin de Lange, TIR Trainer, HED, Honours Clinical Psych, Mphil.
Karin has 9 years of accumulated experience with corporations and 10 years accumulated experience with self-owned and private companies. Post-graduate studies facilitated her innate passion for Personal Leadership and Total Wellbeing (Spirit-Mind-Body). Through the years of mentoring, counselling and training thousands of people (locally and internationally), Karin has often experienced a gap in her foundation academically...until she discovered TIR. "I know that TIR provides me with very powerful tools, crucial in facilitating my own and also my client's wellbeing."
Phone: 071484-0652
Email: kdl@telkomsa.net

TIR Workshop Graduate Listings* - Russia, Africa, India

Please note: The following practitioners have completed 1 or more professional skills workshops in TIR and related techniques, but are not Certified/Accredited Facilitators. We recommend that whenever possible you work with a Certified/Accredited Facilitator (listed above). Listings are alphabetical by location.

Disclaimer of Liability

Russia, Africa, India Region includes: India , Mongolia , Russia , South Africa
MH, Pune Anahita Pajuhesh Joshi Phone: +91 8007130088
Email: anahita.pajuhesh@gmail.com
Eastern Cape, Tweerivieren Anell Olivier, BA (Social Work); B.Soc.Sc Hons (Social Policy and Management) Phone: +27 (0) 72 48 777 83
Email: anellolivier@gmail.com
Gaunteng, Centurion Phillip Strauss, B-Uiris LLB Phone: +2782 453 2239
Email: phillipstrauss2@gmail.com
Gauteng, Alberton Daniel JJ Viljoen, BA (Psychology) BA Hon (Psychology) Phone: 072 992 3827
Email: danielv707@gmail.com
Gauteng, Carletonville Stephanus Johannes Cloete Phone: 27 0828879600
Email: stanus@agosolf.co.za
Gauteng, Centurion Miss Minette Czanik, Bachelors in Social Work Phone: +2783 501 4688
Email: minetteczanik@gmail.com
Gauteng, Centurion Michelle van Tonder Phone: +27 83 649 8301
Email: mich.vantonder@gmail.com
Gauteng, Florida Glen Yolanda Venter Phone: +27114770320
Email: yolanda@aradiod.co.za
Gauteng, Germiston Anya de Wet Phone: 0027834724109
Email: anyadewet@gmail.com
Gauteng, Johannesburg Jarrod Beukes, MA Counselling Psychology Phone: 082-303-6189
Email: jarrod @psychaid.com
Gauteng, Krugersdorp Jan Steyn, B.Th. Biblical Counseling (Therapon University USA) Phone: +27828011809
Email: jan@rantendalprisma.co.za
Gauteng, Muldersdrif Shantel Small, BsocSci: psych, BA Hons psych Phone: 0729824573
Email: shantel_counselling@yahoo.com
Gauteng, Petersfield Rev. Liesl Nickols, MA Theology Email: lnickols@vodamail.co.za
Gauteng, Pretoria Rev. Johan van Loggerenberg, BA Mth Phone: 27-0825702258
Email: johan.werda@gmail.com
Gauteng, Pretoria Mariette Fourie, BA Honours Psychology Email: mefourie9@gmail.com
Gauteng, Pretoria Estelle Crause, Clinical Psychologist (MSC Clin. Psych. UL) Phone: 0720697942
Email: estellec@vodamail.co.za
Gauteng, Pretoria Sors Geldenhuys, VDM Phone: +27 012 546 8098
Email: sors@lewensverryking.co.za
Gauteng, Pretoria Deodi Yiannou Phone: +27822571021
Email: deodiy@gmail.com
Gauteng, Pretoria Rev Pieter Oberholzer Phone: 823325782
Email: pieterjonob@gmail.com
Gauteng, Pretoria Elza Cilliers, A.E. Phone: 27 (012) 997 1212
Email: elzacilliers@hotmail.co.za
Gauteng, Pretoria Dr Rene Van Wyk, Mphil, Phd Psychology Phone: 27832578857
Email: vanwyk.rene@gmail.com
Gauteng, Pretoria Antonia Roos, BsocSci (cum laude) BSocSci Hons (cum laude) MA Clin Psych (cum laude) Phone: +27 71 509 4974
Email: roosantonia@gmail.com
Gauteng, Pretoria Ms. Karin Havanga, MA in Counselling Psychology, UP Phone: +27(0) 12 8042133
Email: karin@healthbridge.za.net
Gauteng, Pretoria Annalie Taute, MA Social Work Phone: 012 993 5908/6
Email: ataute@pharos.org.za
Gauteng, Pretoria Marietjie Smit Phone: +27 760374940
Email: mariqismit@gmail.com
Gauteng, Pretoria Karen Storm Email: karen.storm61@gmail.com
Gauteng, Pretoria J.A. Opperman, BA BW SW Phone: 0123452236
Email: hanasolutions123@gmail.com
Gauteng, Randburg Dr. C Naude Email: cnaude@mweb.co.za
Gauteng, Rayton Suzan de Jager, B.DIAC (SW) UNISA Phone: 0764642988
Email: sanpatdj@gmail.com
Gauteng, Sinoville Celeste le Grange Phone: 083 458 7206
Email: celeste.legrange@gmail.com
Gauteng, Vanderbijlpark Alta Botha, Admin Pastor Phone: 0844023022
Email: alta@vrg.org.za
Gauteng, Villieria Rev. Dalene Flynn, MTh, Mdiv Email: dalene.flynn@gmail.com
Gauteng, Witbeck Henning J. Mostert Phone: 27 82 6500993
Email: henningm@lantic.net
Johannesburg, Northcliff Gerald French, MACP, CTS, AEF Phone: +27 11 476 1908
Email: gerald.french@post.harvard.edu
KwaZulu Natal, Durban Lome Cronje Email: lomecronje@gmail.com
KwaZulu Natal, Greytown Rev Annatjie Steyn Phone: 082 3717074
Email: annatjie@greytown.co.za
KwaZulu-Natal, Durban DS Jan (JH) Viljoen Phone: 27-796-934-827
Limpopo, Modimolle Ceska van Effrink Phone: 27729998648
Email: ceskave@gmail.com
Limpopo, Modimolle Zelda Oosthuizen Phone: 082 804 2134
Email: zoosthuizen28@gmail.com
Limpopo, Mookgophong Rev Andre Botha, MDiv Phone: 016 743 0909
Email: dsanbotha@gmail.com
Limpopo, Phalaborwa Altea Prinsloo Phone: 082-804-4722
Email: ajprinsloo@telkomsa.net
Limpopo, Tarentaalrand Petra Anderson Phone: +27-72-2769064
Email: peet.joh@mweb.co.za
Mpumalanga, Kinross Reverend Sam Heine Phone: (027) 0832762822
Email: sam.heine@telkomsa.net
Mpumalanga, Piet Retief Dr. Jacqueline Pretorius Email: jackypretorius@telkomsa.net
Mpumalanga, Secunda Welma Gerber, Masters in Social Science Phone: 0825502081
Email: gerberjc@mweb.co.za
Namibia, Windhoek Charles Corbett, +264 81 129 9055 Email: charles@afol.com.na
North West, Klerksdorp Ds. Elmar Johan Le Grange, BA, Bth., Hons. Psychology Phone: (+27) 018 462 8651
Email: elcor@mweb.co.za
North West, Rustenburg SC Sluiter Phone: 8330944508
Email: sluitersc@gmail.com
North West, Rustenburg Corne van Dyk, Psychologist Phone: 0145940187
Email: vandyk@consultingpsychologists.co.za
Northern Cape, Calvinia Hetta Kotze Email: carmelvilla@telkomsa.net
Western Cape, Cape Town Adele Bergh, BA (SW) (Honours) BA (Psych) (Honours) Email: adelebergh05@gmail.com
Western Cape, Cape Town Charl Wynand Louw Email: jjlouw@icon.co.za
Western Cape, Cape Town Hilary McLea, B Soc Sc Social Work (UTC), Masters in Social Work (UWC) Phone: +27 837760249
Email: hilary@mclea.co.za
Western Cape, Cape Town Hennie Verhoef, MSW, EAP, University of Pretoria Email: hennieverhoef@gmail.com
Western Cape, Cape Town Jolene Louw, B.Sc, S.O.D. Email: jjlouw@icon.co.za
Western Cape, Cape Town Nanine Hendriksz, BDIAC Social Work Phone: 084 500 5083
Email: nanhendr@gmail.com
Western Cape, Century City Hester Heunis Email: hesterheunis1@gmail.com
Western Cape, Constantia Dr. Hester Myburgh Phone: 021-794-6876
Email: hesterm@cybersmart.co.za
Western Cape, Durbanville Deon Binneman Phone: +27219759936
Email: deon@deonbinneman.co.za
Western Cape, Durbanville Rev Philip Scholtz, M degree in Clinical Counselling Phone: 0836659973
Email: dsphilip@telkomsa.net
Western Cape, Graafwater Retha Coetzee Email: rethawp@telkomsa.net
Western Cape, Paarl Paulette Viljoen-Louw Phone: 0767245285
Email: paulette@toringkerk.co.za
Western Cape, Paarl Anita Muller Email: anita.socialwork@gmail.com
Western Cape, Parow Arie van Eck Phone: 084 626 3301
Email: apve@cybersmart.co.za
Western Cape, Stellenbosch Nolde Norval Phone: 082 7819737
Email: noldenorval@gmail.com
Western Cape, Wellington Liezl Williams Email: liezl@wellingtongemeente.co.za
Western Cape, Worcester Bea de Klerk Phone: +27233428452
Email: bea.deklerk@gmail.com
Western Province, Cape Town Michelle Russell Phone: +27 82 751 0507
Email: mtr1810@mweb.co.za

TIR Practitioners - All Regions

Region #AreaIncludes countries and/or territories
1North America Canada , Guam , USA , Virgin Islands
2Europe & Middle East Albania , Austria , Belgium , Bulgaria , Channel Islands , Denmark , England , France , Germany , Ireland , Israel , Italy , Netherlands , Palestine , Portugal , Romania , Saudi Arabia , Scotland , Slovakia , Slovenia , Switzerland
3Southeast Asia China , Indonesia , Japan , Korea , Macau , North Korea , Phillipines , South Korea , Taiwan
4Australia, Central & South America Argentina , Australia , Bolivia , Brazil , Chile , Ecuador , Guyana , Mexico , New Zeeland , Paraguay , Peru , Puerto Rico , Trinidad and Tobago , Uruguay , Venezuela , West Indies
5Russia, Africa, India India , Mongolia , Russia , South Africa

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