Traumatic Incident Reduction Association

TIR Association Practitioner Listing

Certified/Accredited TIR Facilitator Listings - North America

Levels of Certification/Accreditation for Facilitators
Level:Full Name:Abbreviation:Certified/Accredited to deliver:
1.Certified/Accredited TIR FacilitatorTIRFTIR
2.Certified/Accredited LSR FacilitatorLSRFA complete Life Stress Reduction Program (including TIR where appropriate)
3.Certified/Accredited Ability Enhancement FacilitatorAEFTIR, LSR, the viewing Curriculum, and a wide range of other specialized Ability Enhancement Programs

If you do not find a Certified/Accredited practitioner listed in your area see also TIR Workshop Graduate Listings - North America (below) for additional contacts. Listings are alphabetical by location.

Disclaimer of Liability

North America Region includes: Canada , Guam , USA , Virgin Islands
AB, Fort Mcmurray Joanne Macpherson, MA, Reg. Clinical Counsellor, TIRF
Phone: 604-880-8820
Email: joanne@mindfulofhealth.com
BC, Calgary Jane Corkish, BA, B.Ed. Phone: 403-615-8085
BC, Kamloops Lindael Rolstone, M.Ed., B.Sc.O.T., B.S.W, AEF RCC, RSW, ROT
Lindael has over 30 years of successful experience assisting people to heal from emotional and physical distress. She assists clients to help themselves problem-solve, set goals that are manageable and durable, and to move toward improved mental health. She is registered as a clinical social worker, counsellor, and occupational therapist.
Phone: 250-578-8114
Email: lindaelrolstone@shaw.ca
BC, Kelowna Leora A Splett, M.Ed., RCC, CAP, CRHSPP, AEF Phone: 250-860-6661
Email: lasplett@telus.net
BC, Langley Yvonne Dion
Yvonne supports families and individuals coping with the loss of someone special in their lives or those who are terminally ill. She has achieved her certificate in Trauma Incident Reduction, and has been trained in Life Stress Reduction. Hospice services and bereavement are undoubtedly necessary services which account for much of her experience. Yvonne is a compassionate individual who listens without judgement. No judgments, no religious affiliations, no advice, just ears and a kind heart to listen.
Email: yvonnedion@shaw.ca
BC, Surrey Pauline Carey, M.A. (Clinical Psychology), Registered Clinical Counsellor, Certified Senior Trainer in TIR & LSR
Pauline has 25 years of counselling experience, and divides her time between private practice and TIR training. She uses TIR/LSR almost exclusively in her practice, and enriches trainings with her practical experience.
Phone: 604-315-1750
Email: info@paulinecarey.com
BC, Vernon Pam Sikal, M.Ed., Registered Clinical Counsellor, Certified Senior TIR & LSR Trainer
Pam is a highly skilled clinician who has a deep passion for healing work that empowers clients. She has been actively involved in the helping professions for over 35 years, which has provided her with a diverse background that encompasses nursing, and corporate management, in addition to counselling. Pam is also a seasoned, dedicated trainer. Her greatest rewards come from working directly with clients in her successful private practice and from training and supervising other clinicians in Applied Metapsychology.
Phone: 250-307-3112
Email: innervitality@shaw.ca.
BC, White Rock Mindy Kollman, M.Ed, RCC, AEF, TIRT, LSRT, Senior TIR TraINER
Mindy has a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology and is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) with the BC Association for Clinical Counsellors. Mindy has strong background training in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR). She is certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Satir Systemic Brief Therapy. She is also a trained Play Therapist. Mindy specializes working with all levels of PTSD; adolescents' issues, mother and daughter challenges, suicidal attempts, anger, depression and attachment disorder.
Phone: 604-535-3488
Email: mindyk@understandingu.net
ON, Brockville Jim Page, M.S. RSW Email: jim.page@cogeco.ca
ON, Horseshoe Valley, Near Barrie Suzanne Carlaw Phone: 705-835-0007
Email: carlawsuz@gmail.com
ON, Horseshoe Valley, Near Barrie Margaret U. Nelson, B.A. M.Ed. AEF Senior TIR & LSR Trainer
Margaret has had a successful career in education (as teacher, principal, consultant, superintendent and CEO) in Ontario school boards. She brings outstanding people skills to her TIR practice in southern Ontario. Margaret devotes much of her time to her growing training centre, where she trains caregivers and health professionals in TIR and LSR.She is a Senior TIR & LSR Trainer, qualified to train trainers at these levels. She is willing to travel to deliver TIR and training services. Margaret trained with Marian Volkman.
Phone: 705-835-0752
Email: munelson@sympatico.ca
ON, London Adela Gorodzinsky, M.Ed., CBT, CCC, CTP, TIRF
Having lived in several different countries and undergone major surgery and a separation, I have personally experienced how stress-ors can either remain traumatic or facilitate personal development. Over the last 20 years, I have successfully worked with people who have experienced numerous different kinds of trauma, such as refugees, survivors of different kinds of abuse, natural disasters, loved ones and health related losses. Fluent in Spanish, English and Hebrew. Certified: Bioenergetic Analyst, TIR facilitator, Trager ® Practitioner and Canadian Counsellor.
Phone: 519-642-1966
Email: healinginprocess@gmail.com
ON, Oakville Cathy Dodge Smith, Ed. D., Certified TIRF, Director ADD, Dyslexia & Autism Asociates Inc.
Oakville Success Center
Cathy has been working with people in a helping capacity for over 45 years as a teacher, counselor, and administrator. Her doctoral degree is in Human Development and Applied Psychology. Most of her work is with individuals who have ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, or autism; however, she does TIR with anyone wanting to find relief from stress. Cathy uses TIR to address issues such as post traumatic stress disorder, childhood abuse, family alcoholism, family dysfunction, depression, and anxiety.
Phone: 905-844-4144
Email: cathydodgesmith@gmail.com
ON, Ottawa Suzanne Duc, BA. Pysch , MA, TIRF, LSRF
Suzanne has a Masters of Counselling Psychology and has completed certifications as both a TIR and LSR Facilitator. She divides her time between private practice in Ottawa's east end, bereavement counselling for rural hospice, and consultancy. Suzanne's practice is supervised by a clinical psychologist and therefore, her counselling services may be eligible for reimbursement through third party insurance providers depending on the planholder's terms of coverage. For more information, please visit http://www.linkedin.com/in/suzanneduc
Phone: 613- 698-9707
Email: suzanne.duc1@gmail.com
ON, Peterborough Karen Searle, M.S.W., R.S.W., TIRF, LSRF
I completed my Masters of Social Work Degree at the University of Toronto and have worked as a psychotherapist in a variety of settings for the past 25 years. I am certified as a TIR Facilitator. I have a keen desire to assist people in working toward healing not only from severe trauma but also from lesser but still painful and persistent upsets, concerns or relationships. I provide counselling services for clients in Peterborough and surrounding areas.
Phone: 705-875-7442
Email: ksearle-counselling@hotmail.com
ON, Toronto Sylvia Korimsek, Certified TIR Facilitator
Phone: 416-466-2888
Email: skorimsek@hotmail.com
ON, Toronto D. Jane Kennedy, MSW, CTS, CTF, TIRF Phone: 416-920-3245
Email: djanekennedy@rogers.com
ON, Toronto Daniel Ferguson Phone: 416-209-1264
Email: dfergy1@sympatico.ca
ON, Woodbridge Cynthia Poole, CTIRF
Phone: 647-218-2676
Email: cynthiapoole@cynthiapoole.ca
ON, York Region Lyndsey McKeown, MSW, RSW Phone: 905-841-2977 ext. 4346
Email: lmckeown@cmha-yr.on.ca
AZ, Flagstaff Kate Sorensen, MA, LSRF Phone: 928-606-6589
Email: kate@ttn.org
CA, Los Angeles Jay Gibson, AEF, BS Phone: 818-445-9729
Email: jayhgibson@gmail.com
CA, San Diego Kevin Thomas, MM, BA, AEF
Kevin Thomas has been practicing TIR and Applied Metapsychology since 1991. He holds a Masters Degree, has undergraduate degrees both in Psychology and Music, certification in Hypnotherapy, and has studied meditation, healing, and personal development for over 20 years. In addition to rapidly handling PTSD, depression, anxiety, phobias, compulsions, and other common issues, he specializes in facilitating Applied Metapsychology to help clients develop creativity, reach their full human potential, and succeed in all areas of life.
Phone: 619-730-5422
Email: kevinthomasmusic@yahoo.com
CA, Vista Jaime Romo, Ed.D., TIRF
Healing the Sexually Abused Heart
Dr. Jaime Romo is a healer and teacher. Following a career in K-12 and teacher education he has taken an active role in developing Healing Community practices in values driven organizations. Dr. Romo is a Trauma Informed Care SAMHSA consultant, a Commissioned Minister in the United Church of Christ for Healing and Healthy Environments, and a certified Primordial Sound Meditation instructor. His most recent book is: "Healing the Sexually Abused Heart: A Workbook for Survivors, Thrivers, and Supporters."
Phone: 760-842-6577
Email: www.healingthesexuallyabusedheart.com
FL, Clearwater Robert Moore, PhD, CTS, BCETS, TIRF
Board Certified in Traumatic Stress for the last 20 of his 40 years in practice, Dr. Moore divides his time between corporate crisis/EAP consulting for the Crisis Care Network, mentoring graduate students of the Albert Elllis Institute, and conducting continuing education seminars in traumatology for the social and psychological services.
Phone: 727-443-2096
Email: moorebob@juno.com
FL, Fort Lauderdale Irene M. Rodriguez, MS, LMHC, CAP, TIRF
Mindful Journey Center
Irene is Certified Addictions Professional with a Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling. She is trained in Life Stress Reduction (LSR), and is a Certified TIR Facilitator. As a person-centered therapist, Irene provides a safe place for her clients to heal by using their own natural processes. Irene has worked successfully with clients who have PTSD, depression, anxiety, addiction, grief, phobias and general life stress issues such as loss and divorce. Bilingual: English and Spanish.
Phone: 954-376-0496
Email: irodriguez@mindfuljourneycenter.com
FL, Miami Teresa Descilo, MSW, MCT, Founder and Executive Director of The Trauma Resolution Center
The Trauma Resolution Center
Phone: 305-374-9990
Email: teresa@traumatraining.net
FL, Miami Michael Brechtel, MEd, JD, LMT, TIRF, TIRT
A Certified TIR Facilitator and Trainer, I am also a Licensed Massage Therapist and teacher. I specialize in Shamanic bodywork, teach workshops on TIR, Trauma Informed Care, Self-Care, Professional Ethics, and Intimacy. I'm available to help you resolve the impact of past trauma, assist your organization in becoming Trauma Informed, and provide Trauma Specific Treatment. I believe that self-care is more than a commitment to self or to staff, but an ethical imperative without which practitioners will harm clients.
Phone: 302-290-3597
Email: Michael@traumatraining.net
FL, Miramar Vivina Elgueta, LMHC
Vivina Elgueta, LMHC is a licensed mental health counselor practicing in Miami, FL. She is a TIR Facilitator & Trainer as well as a qualified supervisor for Mental Health Counselors and Marriage and Family Therapists. She has been in the field for over 10 years and has taught graduate students in the Counseling Program at Barry University, in Florida.
Phone: 305-318-7859
Email: vivielgueta@hotmail.com
FL, North Miami Martha L Vallejo, LCSW, CT
Martha L. Vallejo is a Certified Trauma Specialist and MSW from Barry University in Miami, Florida. She has an undergraduate degree in Sociology and worked for many years with vulnerable populations in Colombia, South America. She works for The Trauma Resolution Center providing TIR to clients that have been traumatized especially immigrant women and unaccompanied minors. She is committed to be a voice to immigrant youth and women which have the courage to rebuild their lives after suffering traumatic experiences.
Phone: 786-399-6764
Email: marthaluzvallejo@yahoo.com
FL, Sarasota Liberty D. Veedon, MSW Email: libtess11@hotmail.com
FL, Sarasota Lisa A. Jennay, TIRF Phone: 941-780-1569
Email: ljennaylmft@yahoo.com
FL, St. Petersburg Alex Chapunoff, LMHC, TIRF
Certified TIR Facilitator. Licensed Mental Health Counselor.
Phone: 727-674-5053
Email: alex@groundingcenter.com
FL, Venice Judith Steiner, LMHC, TIRT, LRST
Judith Steiner, LMHC, TIRF, TIRT, LSRT, has been working as a psychotherapist in Venice, FL and the Sarasota county for 25 years. She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, a Certified TIR Facilitator, as well as a Certified Family Mediator who sees clients from ages 3 to 90. She works with clients who have PTSD, depression, anxiety, and general life stress issues such as loss and divorce. She has found TIR to be a wonderful tool to utilize with victims of abuse and domestic violence as well as with military and their families. She is willing to travel.
Phone: 941-254-1564
Email: familycenterflorida@gmail.com
GA, Springfield George Horowitz, TIRF Phone: 888-417-4266
Email: georgeh@scrouch.com
MD, Washington, D.c. Ragnhild Malnati, LCSW-C, AEF
Personal Enhancement Center
Certified TIR and Applied Metapsychology facilitator, senior trainer and technical director director. TIRA Editing and Certification Committee Member. Willing to travel
Phone: 301-445-6444
Email: raggi1234567@gmail.com
ME, Guilford Cynthia M. Scott, Cynthia M. Scott, TIRF, LSRF, TIR Trainer, LSR Trainer
Certified TIR & LSR practitioner. It is a privilege to facilitate sessions with clients who are interested in resolving items they have identified as distressing. The techniques are completely client-centered, highly effective, and result in resolution in a brief period of time. Observing the life-changing experiences of my clients is truly an honor.
Phone: 207-717-4506
Email: scott.cynthiam@gmail.com
ME, Lisbon Brenda M. Thompson, LCPC Phone: 207-353-7999
Email: lilyrlz@hotmail.com
ME, Portland Sharie Ann Peacock, RN, MEd, LCPC, TIRF, LSRF, TIR Trainer
Maine Trauma & Stress Resolution & Training Center
Sharie is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and has been in private practice since 1993. She specializes in PTSD and has been using TIR and related Applied Metapsychology techniques since 2000. She works with people ages 10 and up and is willing to travel. She is certified as a TIR Facilitator, Life Stress Reduction Facilitator, and TIR Trainer.
Phone: 207-735-6669
Email: shariepeacock@yahoo.com
ME, Smithfield Joan Angelakis, LCSW, Certified TIRF & TIR Trainer
TIR Institute of Maine
Phone: 207-491-3391
Email: joanangelakis@tds.net
ME, Winterport Jennifer Dudley, TIRF, LSRF Phone: 207-659-3492
Email: jdtirfac@roadrunner.com
MI, Ann Arbor Marian Volkman, CTS, CMF, AEF
Ability Enhancement Services
I have been in practice since 1969, and using TIR and related Applied Metapsychology techniques since the late 1980s. There is nothing I would rather do than work with individual clients and share these wonderful tools through teaching the workshops. It is a constant pleasure to do this work. As well as using TIR I am a Certified Trauma Specialist. I am willing to travel.
Phone: 734-662-6864
Email: marian@tir.org
OR, Portland Jim Hussey, LPC, NCC, CTF, TIRF Phone: 503-740-7074
Email: jimhussey@traumarelief.org
OR, Sherwood Aerial Long, MA, AEF
Personal Growth Counseling & Learning Center
As an Advanced Facilitator, I have been in private practice since 1977 and a contributing member of AMI since its beginning. It is my joy to facilitate the client’s journey of self discovery by helping them uncover and eliminate unwanted barriers to achieve their goals. I also use a variety of transpersonal and mind/body energy techniques that address the human vibrational matrix . I also teach Applied Metapsychology workshops and classes for students and clients who want to acquire life skills and regain abilities.
Phone: 503-925-0982
Email: aeriallong@comcast.net
PA, Dillsburg Jerry Davis, PhD, LSRF EdD, DD Phone: 717-502-8486
Email: KarunaToo@AOL.com.
SC, Greenville Darlene Parker, MSW, LISW-CP, TIRF Phone: 864-272-3430
Email: dparkerliswcp@hotmail.com
VA, Hillsboro Edythe (Dee) Dunn, MA, LPC, NCC, FAMI, TIRF Phone: 540-270-4516
Email: deedunn@rstarmail.comdeedunnlpc@gmail.com
VA, Leesburg Kathryn McCormack-Chen, RN, LCSW, LSATP, LSRF
As a private practitioner for nearly 25 years, with a specialty originally treating survivors of incest and other domestic violence, I expanded my practice to include PTSD survivors in general. I have special expertise in facilitation with people recovering from compulsive disorders such as alcoholism. Will present a TIR Overview to groups of practitioners who want to learn about these techniques, and will do training at your site if possible.
Phone: 703-734-8760
Email: kchen14@comcast.net

TIR Workshop Graduate Listings* - North America

Please note: The following practitioners have completed 1 or more professional skills workshops in TIR and related techniques, but are not Certified/Accredited Facilitators. We recommend that whenever possible you work with a Certified/Accredited Facilitator (listed above). Listings are alphabetical by location.

Disclaimer of Liability

North America Region includes: Canada , Guam , USA , Virgin Islands
AB, Calgary Lurline Ketler-Raposo, MA, RCC, RPC, RPT Phone: 403-973-9371
Email: lraposo@bowvalleycounselling.ca
BC, Christina Lake Annette Davidson Phone: 250-443-1416
Email: annetted02@yahoo.ca
BC, Christina Lake Raini Davidson Phone: 250-443-4211
Email: rainimarie96@hotmail.com
BC, Cranbrook Kevin Ward, Director of East Kootenay Trauma Resolution & Retreat Ctr. Phone: 855-426-8655
Email: healingadventure@gmail.com
BC, Delta Nina Biln Phone: 604-849-0544
Email: nina_bajwa@hotmail.com
BC, Delta Jeannie Campbell, BED, MED Phone: 778-838-4700
Email: jeanniecampbell13@gmail.com
BC, Kelowna Andrew Fallis, BSW, RPCc Phone: 250-859-6889
BC, Mission Jim Smith, MA, RCC, RSW Phone: 778-552-3050
Email: smithjw@shaw.ca
BC, Nanaimo Sandra J. Robinson, BA Phone: 250-585-5543
Email: sjrobin@live.ca
BC, Richmond Fay Ferris, RCC, C.C.C. Phone: 604-961-0133
Email: everybodymatters@shaw.ca
BC, Surrey Brigitte Bourassa, MA, RTC #2058 Phone: 778-686-9186
Email: changeinsight@live.ca
BC, Surrey Gerry Bock, MA, RCC, CTS Phone: 604-574-6555
Email: gerry@bock.ca
BC, Surrey Anjeet Kaila, M. ED, R.C.C. Phone: 604-516-9801
Email: anjeetkaila@gmail.com
BC, Terrace Johnathan Whonnock Phone: 250-638-1910
Email: j_e_whonnock@hotmail.com
BC, Vernon Kristy Higgins, RPC, MPCP Phone: 250-309-9721
Email: kristy.higgins@shaw.ca
ON, Atikokan Barb Kwasnicia, MSW, RSW Phone: 807-597-2724
ON, Blenheim Janice Kirkwood, BHSc, I.C.A.D.C. Phone: 519-676-7470
Email: spsugar@hotmail.com
ON, Caledon Diana Siemieniec, RSW, MSw, Har B. A. Email: diana@cchtc.ca
ON, Callander Audrey Boler, M. Ed, C.C.C. Phone: 705-499-7900
Email: audreyannb@yahoo.com
ON, Cambridge Jacquie Turcotte, Addiction Counselor Phone: 519-271-6730 x224
Email: jturcotte@choicesforchange.ca
ON, Cobourg Hannah Sun-Reid, MA, MDE, CPT-S, CTT, CTS, CDDPT Phone: 905-342-3416
Email: sunreid@hotmail.com
ON, Cobourg Sandra Webb, B.A. Sc, OACCPP, CPTA Email: sandra@sandrawebbcounselling.com
ON, Cornwall Darlene Bennett, MSW, RSW Email: darlene.bennett@cogeco.ca
ON, Cornwall Kathy Kiverago, MSW, RSW Phone: 613-362-7400
Email: kiverago@cogeco.ca
ON, Essex County - Windsor Naomi Levitz, MSM, RSW Email: levitz@uwindsor.ca
ON, Fort Frances Pauline Hyatt, MA, Clinical Community Counsellor Phone: 807-274-4807
ON, Guelph Heather Jarman, Life Coach TIR Phone: 519 836 7569
Email: lifestressreduction@gmail.com
ON, Hanmer Maxime Vaillant, BA Hons. Phone: 705-673-2413 x224
Email: mv@monarchrecoveryservices.ca
ON, Kemble Bonita Johnson deMatteis Phone: 519-372-2425
Email: bonita@nemesisgroupservices.com
ON, Kingston Barbara Castel Phone: 613-329-6645
Email: barbaracastel@yahoo.ca
ON, Kirkfield Angela Everson Phone: 705-374-4919
Email: angie__1967@hotmail.com
ON, Lindsay Carla Cooper Phone: 705-328-4838
Email: carlahcooper@gmail.com
ON, London Gillian Vellet, R At, RMT, BFA Phone: 5194332220
Email: marygillianvellet@gmail.com
ON, Midland Catherine Underhill Phone: 705-350-0587
Email: cathy.underhill@hotmail.com
ON, Minesing Kenne-Anne Milne Phone: 705-305-2010
Email: goldieg@live.ca
ON, Mississauga Paul Morgan, M.A., (C)OA CCPP Phone: 416-843-5951
Email: paul@paulmorgan.ca
ON, Nestleton Station Tara Lee Clayton, BA, B.Sc.OT Reg.(Ont.) Phone: 905-442-0724
ON, Oro-medonte Sandy Johnston, B.A. (Psych), M.A.C.P. Phone: 705-627-6118
Email: sandy@empoweringcounselling.ca
ON, Oshawa Miranda Murchison Phone: 289-240-1620
Email: mirandamurchison@gmail.com
ON, Ottawa Jennifer Jones, CTS Phone: 613-266-8063
Email: jenjones@gmail.com
ON, Owen Sound Rebekkah Alexander-Adams, E.A.T. Phone: 519-372-2425
Email: rebekkah@nemesisgroupservices.com
ON, Peterborough Lucia Bohorquez, Ph.D. C Psych Email: lucitabs@sympatico.ca
ON, Pickering Jeff Dienesch, MA Counselling Psychology Phone: 905-231-2273 x127
ON, Rama Kim Deyman Phone: 705-327-5658
Email: kimmo63@hotmail.ca
ON, Scarborough Lily Szeto, CCC Phone: 416-644-1420
Email: lmhszeto@gmail.com
ON, Seeleys Bay Kathryn Thompson Phone: 613-387-2865
Email: kitkatbumblebee@yahoo.ca
ON, Shanty Bay Bernice Rochelle Phone: 1-705-835-2894
Email: cosmic.window@hotmail.com
ON, St. Catharines Jolene Courchene Email: jolenecourchene@yahoo.ca
ON, St. Thomas Barbara J. Saunders, BA, RSSW, Thanatologist Phone: 519-637-8458
Email: bsaunders@healingaheartsloss.com
ON, Tecumseh Nora Strausz Phone: 519-563-7619
Email: strausznora@yahoo.com
ON, Toronto Marilyn R. Smith, I.C.A.D.C. Phone: 416-503-0048
Email: msmith0048@rogers.com
ON, Toronto Laurie Tamblyn Phone: 416-482-5367
Email: laurietamblyn@rogers.com
ON, Toronto Aklilu Wendaferew, MSW, RSW Phone: 647-223-0404
Email: aklilu@goodshepherd.ca
ON, Waterdown Denise Baynton, Grief Counsellor Phone: 905-689-4852
Email: dbaynton@kitchingsteepeandludwig.com
ON, Whitby Yvonne Phillips, RPC, RNA Phone: 905-665-6109
Email: weewisewoman@gmail.com
ON, Whitby John Sawdon Phone: 905-668-1755
Email: jsawdon@gmail.com
ON, Windsor Elisabeth Haramic, PhD, C.C.C. Phone: 519-256-2300
Email: liz@windsortherapy.ca
ON, Windsor Rita Sousa, M.Sc., C.C.C. Phone: 519-965-5910
Email: ritamsousa15@gmail.com
ON, Windsor Michael Swinton Phone: 519-965-1938
Email: swinton.mike@gmail.com
ON, Windsor Kimberly Calderwood, PhD, RSW Phone: 519-965-4870
Email: kcalder@uwindsor.ca
AZ, Flagstaff Mancel A Duclos, MTh, MEd, DCMHS, LCMHC, LPC, LISHC, ACS Phone: 928-233-4308
CA, Antioch Margarita L Seley, Psy D Email: margaritaseley@yahoo.com
CA, Carlsbad Debbie Shriver, MA, MFT, LAADC Phone: 760-842-6203
Email: dshriver@nclifeline.org
CA, Encinitas Helen Park Phone: 760-230-1156
Email: parkhr228@gmail.com
CA, Los Angeles Reverend Thomas B. Franklin, Ordained Vector Minister Phone: 323-459-3376
Email: tbfranklin@aol.com
CA, Oakland Daaryl G. Thomas Phone: 510 832 4544
Email: dthomas.acyd@gmail.com
CA, Oakland William D. Patterson Phone: 510 230 5649
Email: pattersonwd@gmail.com
CA, Oakland Elder Mathew A. Graves, JR Phone: 510 938 2507
Email: mgraves.acyd@gmail.com
CO, Denver Marilyn Talmadge-Bowers, Psy.D. Phone: 303-355-4137
Email: marilyntalmagebowers@gmail.com
CT, Marlborough Pamela S. Feathers, MSW, LMT Phone: 860 906-7477
Email: pfeathers@snet.net
DE, Lewes Barbara Macfie, MA, Mdiv, LPC Phone: 732-501-2097
Email: bmacfie@me.com
FL, Apollo Beach Heather Comfort, LCSW Phone: 813-230-9494
Email: hcomfort@tampabay.rr.com
FL, Archer Shari Schwartz Email: shari.schwartz@fiu.edu
FL, Boca Raton Reverend Elizabeth Pankey-Warren, M.Div., MSW, Certified Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practitioner Phone: 561-866-6607
Email: elizbocaraton@gmail.com
FL, Boca Raton Tracey Rubenstein, LCSW Phone: 561-994-7222
Email: tracey@familiesbydesign.net
FL, Bonita Springs Maureen Carmody, LCSW Phone: 239-280-8585
Email: renee111@aol.com
FL, Boynton Beach Teresa B Pasquale Phone: 561-454-8944
Email: tbpasquale@gmail.com
FL, Bradenton Nora Sinclair, LMHC, NCC Phone: 941-527-7864
Email: norasinclair@msn.com
FL, Bradenton Rosalie Cruz, MSW Email: rcruz@jfcs-cares.org
FL, Bradenton David Williams, LCSW Email: willdav@sbcglobal.net
FL, Bradenton Anastasia Geramanis, LCSW Phone: 941-251-4052
Email: anastasia.geramanis@gmail.com
FL, Clearwater Judy Becker, LMHC Phone: 727-686-1048
Email: judybecker@tampabay.rr.com
FL, Crystal Beach Julie Wells, LCSW, CP, PAT Phone: 727-688-5800
Email: journeywellness@aol.com
FL, Daytona Beach Sophia X. Mas, MA, LMHC, CAD, NCC Phone: 386-334-6397
Email: counseling@mastherapy.com
FL, Denendin Marie Dillinger-Vasile, MA, LMHC Phone: 727-278-5757
Email: mdvmhc@gmail.com
FL, Fort Lauderdale Pascal A. Peterson, MSW Phone: 561-866-5351
Email: pascal_peterson@hotmail.com
FL, Fruit Cove Sonia Vockell, LCSW, CAP Email: svockell@mandarincounseling.com
FL, Jacksonville Allison Teger, LMHC Phone: 904-637-1122
Email: allisonteger@gmail.com
FL, Juno Beach Nancy M Smith, PH.D., LMFT, LCSW Email: souldoctornms@aol.com
FL, Kissimmee MaryAnn L Haselden, LMHC, CAP Phone: 407-610-8446
Email: getwisecounsel@gmail.com
FL, Lake Mary Belinda Judge, M.A., LMHC Phone: 407-328-7668
FL, Live Oak Denise Sanfilippo, MSW Phone: 906-399-4422
Email: denise_sanfilippo@mbhci.org
FL, Lutz Kerry Conca, M.A. Phone: 727-389-1374
Email: kerry.conca@gmail.com
FL, Miami Jill Rapperport, ERYT Phone: 305-342-7275
Email: jill@SoaringEagleYoga.com
FL, Miami Viviana Matiz Miller Email: millerlcsw@aol.com
FL, Miami Shores Sompa Adhya-Taylor, LCSW Phone: 703-618-6642
FL, Miramar Debra Thomas Phone: 954-536-2426
Email: dthomas@sheridanhouse.org
FL, Naples Randy Crawford, LMHC, LPCC, LCPC Phone: 239-285-7100
Email: rancrawford@gmail.com
FL, Neptune Beach Colleen H Wright, LMHC Phone: 904-472-0122
Email: wrightannapolis@att.net
FL, Orlando Olga M. Viera, Psy. D. Phone: 407-673-2024
Email: olga.viera@gmail.com
FL, Orlando Pamela Goldsmith, MA, LMHC Phone: 407-975-0400
Email: pam@psgoldsmith.com
FL, Palm Beach Gardens Jordana Perlman, LCSW Phone: 561-385-8900
FL, Palm City Lee Ballard, RN, LCSW, CAP, SAP Phone: 561-845-6722
FL, Palm Harbor Debbie Lipkin, M.S., TIRF Phone: 727-455-5356
Email: debbielipkin@msn.com
FL, Palm Harbor Deirdre K. Martin, LMHC Email: dmartin1114@yahoo.com
FL, Pembroke Pines Krystal Farnum Email: kfarn002@fiu.edu
FL, Pembroke Pines Irene Cortes, LMHC Phone: 954-399-2642
Email: irene.m.cortes@gmail.com
FL, Plant City Sara Fackelman, LMHC, CAP Phone: 813-716-4264
Email: sara@alifematters.com
FL, Plant City Steven S Minter, Th.M., Psy.D. Phone: 813-382-7041
Email: stevensminter@gmail.com
FL, Port St. Lucie Dawna L. Bone, Psy. D. Phone: 772-812-4259
Email: drdawna@yahoo.com
FL, Sanibel Magdolna Tanzer Email: mstanzer@comcast.net
FL, Sarasota Tywanda Williams, LCSW Email: tywandaa@hotmail.com
FL, Sarasota Kerry Dennis, ACSW, LCSW, CAP, CSAT Phone: 941-720-2048
Email: kerry@abundanceofloveandwealth.com
FL, Sarasota Joan A. Vail, Psy. D. Phone: 941-812-0985
Email: JAV_3@hotmail.com
FL, St. Augustine Lynn Helder Email: helderphd.lynn@gmail.com
FL, St. Petersburg Blake Williamson, LMHC, BCPC Phone: 760-641-4408
Email: blakehealingforyou@gmail.com
FL, St. Petersburg Juliana Pryor Menke, MS, LMHC Phone: 727-324-3477
Email: julie_menke@yahoo.com
FL, Summerfield Betty Jo Bock, LMHC Email: bjpony@hotmail.com
FL, Tampa Rich Brown, PhD Phone: 813-918-2374
Email: captdrb@tampabay.rr.com
FL, Tampa Richard Temple, PhD; Licensed Psychologist Phone: 813-541-7799
Email: drricktemple@gmail.com
FL, Tampa Kay McAuliffe, LCSW Phone: 813-239-8097
Email: kmcauliffe@mhcinc.org
FL, Tampa Antoinette De Fazio, PhD Phone: 813-844-8436
Email: adefazio@gmail.com
FL, Tarpon Springs Robin Saenger Phone: 727-934-2379
Email: robinsaenger@hotmail.com
FL, Tarpon Springs Glenda Davenport, LCSW Phone: 727 560 8225
Email: gdavlcsw@knology.net
FL, Tarpon Springs Kathleen M. Sullivan, MAAT, ATR-BC Phone: 727-942-4249
Email: birdunderwater@hotmail.com
FL, Tarpon Springs Julie Beach Hill, LMHC Phone: 727-517-6166
Email: juliebeachhill@gmail.com
FL, Trenton Kimberly J Law, MA Email: kimberly_law@mbhci.org
FL, West Palm Beach Nedra P Obradovich, M.A. Phone: 561.236.5309
Email: beeherenow9@aol.com
FL, Winter Park Jill Williams, LMCH Phone: 407-718-3248
GA, Brunswick H. Paul Susenbach Phone: 912-264-1215
Email: psusenbach@bellsouth.net
ID, Athol Lynne W Spencer, MA, RN Phone: 734-417-7112
Email: lifetraveler57@gmail.com
ID, Hayden Linda Noble Email: findyourownjoy@gmail.com
IL, Chicago Hannah Frisch, Ph.D Phone: 773-924-5057
Email: hfrisch52@gmail.com
KY, Louisville Elaine M. Duncan, MA, LPCC Phone: 502-649-7671
Email: eduncan3@lycos.com
LA, Shreveport Marvin C. Arnold, Ph.D Phone: 09-721-675-6047
Email: mmearnold@gmail.com
MD, Baltimore James Mueller, LCSW-C Phone: 433-221-9877
Email: liveaboardboater@live.com
MD, Olney Kim M. Barry, LICSW, LSCW-C Phone: 240-418-3398
Email: reboundcenter@yahoo.com
MD, Potomac Rebecca S Ashery, PhD, LCSW-C Phone: 240-606-5300
Email: drrebecca@ureach.com
ME, Auburn Tracy Audet, LCSW, LADC Phone: 207-753-0783
ME, Auburn Evelyn Sylvester, LCPC Phone: 207-754-3659
ME, Augusta Francine Falcone, LCSW Phone: 207-557-0555
Email: ffalcone11@yahoo.com
ME, Augusta Rev. Andrew Dumond, B.A. Biblical Counseling Phone: 207-485-1018
Email: andy@centerpointme.org
ME, Avon Kathi Caton Email: kgoingscaton@gmail.com
ME, Bangor Dawn LeVasseur, LCPC Phone: 207-907-4757
Email: dawnlevasseur@ymail.com
ME, Bangor Kaleigh Dupuis, LCPC-C Email: kaleigh.dupuis@gmail.com
ME, Bangor Prascilla M Goss, LCSW, LADC, CCS Phone: 207-991-0838
Email: mypgoss@yahoo.com
ME, Blue Hill Jayne Thibodeau, LCPC Phone: 207-266-0554
Email: jaynethib@gmail.com
ME, Bowdoin Patricia Pomroy, LCSW Phone: 207-312-8540
ME, Cambridge Arthur G. Jette Phone: 207-277-3518
Email: dacart@tds.net
ME, Fairfield Laurelle Tieman Phone: 207-692-0477
Email: promisedheart@gmail.com
ME, Farmington Lynn K. Caldwell, LSW Phone: 207-500-3565
Email: lynnkcaldwell@yahoo.com
ME, Farmington Tammy Lane Phone: 207-778-3994
Email: tllane912@gmail.com
ME, Guilford Laurel Hunt Phone: 321-252-8735
Email: laurel0529@gmail.com
ME, Guilford Russell Scott Email: russellascott@gmail.com
ME, Hallowell Mary Hiers, LCSW Phone: 207-240-8267
Email: mhierslcsw@gmail.com
ME, Hampden Ceci Adams, LCSW Phone: 207-240-4026
ME, Hebron Dennis Durgin Email: dennisd@megalink.net
ME, Jay Christine Libby Phone: 207 779-6100
Email: thelibbys@roadrunner.com
ME, Jonesport Bett Daley, LMSW-CC, TIRF Email: bettdaley@yahoo.com
ME, Kennebunk Gary D. Bingham, M.Ed, LCPC Phone: 207-299-8691
Email: dursker@hotmail.com
ME, Kittery Lorraine M Soukup, MA, MED, LCMHC, LCPC, CADC Phone: 603-380-1123
Email: lsoukup@yorkhospital.com
ME, Lewiston Keith Danner, LCPCc, LADC Phone: 207-619-4670
Email: keithdanner34@gmail.com
ME, Lewiston Lee M. Price, MS, CAS Phone: 207-786-4103
Email: Lprice1364@aol.com
ME, Lewiston Nancy B Dubord, MA, CPE, RC Phone: 207-783-9620
Email: nancydubord@gmail.com
ME, Lewiston Melissa Snyder, LCSW Phone: 877-838-5741
Email: melissa@lifeseason.org
ME, Lewiston Carol G. Moitozo, RN Phone: 207-370-0046
Email: carol@moitozo.com
ME, Lincolnville Dorothy Lanphear, BS, MCd, CAS, LCPC, TIRF Phone: 207-542-1948
Email: dlanphear_99@yahoo.com
ME, Manchester David Lawrence, MS, LADC, CCS Phone: 207-838-0146
Email: ragsgarrity@hotmail.com
ME, Maxfield Jennifer Maeverde, MA LCPC Email: jmaeverde@gmail.com
ME, Mexico Darlene K Hayden, LCPC Phone: 207-369-5016
Email: darlenehayden7@gmail.com
ME, Millinocket Donna Cogswell Email: donnacogswell89@yahoo.com
ME, Milo Terrie Zelkan Email: zelkanplus1@yahoo.com
ME, Mt. Vernon Christine Merchant Phone: 207-293-4855
Email: clm@gwi.net
ME, New Gloucester Ruth DeWitt, LADC, LCPC Phone: 207-513-8110
Email: root47@aol.com
ME, New Sharon Kyle Minear, LSX Phone: 207-491-3931
Email: kyle.minear@hotmail.com
ME, Norridgewock Lisa Hickey, LCSW Email: lisa.hickey@mainegeneral.org
ME, Norway Kathy Nadeau, LCPC Email: knadeau1976@gmail.com
ME, Norway Carol Lundberg, LCSW Phone: 207-838-1974
Email: lundbergcal@gmail.com
ME, Oxford Frances Cosentino White, LCSW Phone: 207-890-1380
Email: fwhitelcsw@yahoo.com
ME, Parkman April Sargent Email: aprilsargent75@hotmail.com
ME, Portland Carolyn Wallace, LCPCC, LADC Phone: 207-653-3999
Email: carolynwallace@maine.rr.com
ME, Portland Ann M Christie, Psy D, Licensed Psychologist Phone: 207-730-3288
ME, Randolph Heather L Johnson, LCPC-C Phone: 505-252-5120
Email: hjohnson.yourbestlife@gmail.com
ME, Sabattus Janice Sabin Email: janice.sabin@maine.gov
ME, Sangerville Terri Kelley Palin Email: tkpcreate@yahoo.com
ME, Scarborough Hope Hanron, MA, LCPC Phone: 207-730-2870
Email: hhanron@gmail.com
ME, Smithfield Tom Wood Email: tomwood@tds.net
ME, Smithfield Bunny Peters Phone: 207-242-3038
Email: bunnyrock3@gmail.com
ME, Veazie Sheryl L Bowen, LCSW Phone: 207-941-0800
Email: sheryl.bowen@yahoo.com
ME, Weld Rebecca L. Scott Email: crjscott@gmail.com
ME, Wells Richard Connelly, LCPC-C, CADC Phone: 207-641-5345
Email: rtc04090@gmail.com
ME, Whitneyville Sarina L Brooks, LCSW Phone: 207-263-2008
ME, Wilton Marilyn MacKay, LCPC, MFC, PCH Phone: 207 779 6402
Email: mamackay1@gmail.com
MI, Ann Arbor Inge Ferguson Phone: 734-604-9995
Email: iwf@oliveds.com
MI, Berkley Ilene Benison, LMSW, AOS Phone: 248-376-7031
Email: ilene.benison@gmail.com
MI, Bridgeman Patricia Pierce, LMSW Phone: 269-985-2000
Email: piercefriends@gmail.com
MI, Farmington Hills Tammie Bodner, LMSW, ACSW, DAAETS Phone: 248-804-0393
Email: tammie@TLBcounseling.com
MI, Fruitport Marsha Barnosky, BCC, LMSW Phone: 616-402-8327
Email: marsha@marshabarnosky.com
MI, Grand Blanc Kim J. Birrell, ACSW Phone: 810-513-2390
Email: kimbirrell@comcast.net
MI, Livonia Nanette Kern, M.A.T. Phone: 248-613-6069
Email: nanette914@yahoo.com
MI, Plymouth Violeta Marija Majauskas, ACSW, LMSW, CRC Phone: 248-921-0579
Email: v.majauskas@sbcglobal.ne
MI, Traverse City Amelia Siders, PhD, LLP Phone: 231-392-5562
Email: drmeelee@mac.com
NC, Asheville Sergio Fernandez Phone: 917-648-4938
Email: sfyeyo@aol.com
NC, Durham Faye T. Fulton Phone: 919 593 5035
Email: mindmattersover@gmail.com
NH, Freedom Su-Willow W Briggs, MA, LCPC, DMT Phone: 603-866-9362
Email: odancers@gmail.com
NJ, Cherry Hill Steven S Nisenfeld, LCSW TIR Phone: 609-922-4544
Email: rsnisenfeld@verizon.net
NY, Norwood Alice McClure Phone: 315-600-6099
Email: mcclure@northnet.org
OR, Hillsboro Jon Roylance Phone: 503-703-7336
Email: roylance@comcast.net
OR, Yamhill Kathleen Orem, BA Music- School of Music Phone: 503-537-8862
Email: oremkathleen@yahoo.com
PA, Edinboro Chris Laythe, LSW Email: claythe@parksidetherapy.com
PA, Edinboro Tracy L. Leet, LSW Phone: 814-807-0861 X115
Email: ttleet@parksidetherapy.com
PA, Jamestown Harry Nelson, MA Phone: 814-807-0861
Email: hnelson@parksidetherapy.com
PA, Meadville Alicia Twilla, MS, LPC Phone: 814-807-0861 x116
Email: alicia.twilla@parksidetherapy.com
PA, Meadville Nora L Kreider, LMFT Email: nora.kreider@parksidetherapy.com
PA, Meadville Cheryl A Forero, MA, LPC Phone: 814-336-8600
Email: cherylforero59@hotmail.com
PA, Saegertown Audrey Smith, MA, Licensed Psychologist Phone: 814-807-0861
Email: asmith@parksidetherapy.com
PA, Saegertown Susan C. Maloney, Ph.D., FNP - BC Phone: 814-882-4322
Email: smaloney@edinboro.edu
Puerto Rico, Bayamon Maria Lopez Osorio, Ph.D. Phone: 939 639 6642
Puerto Rico, Caguas Elba S. Rosa-Colon Phone: 787 316 6411
Email: erosa1@hotmail.com
RI, North Kingstown Kevin Brady, TIRF, LSRF, AEF, Fully Trained Facilitator Phone: 401-626-6776
Email: clearobjectives@verizon.net
SC, Georgetown Laurette R. Fogel, MSW Phone: 843-293-3371
Email: laurette.fogel@gmail.com
TX, Dripping Springs Sarah D'Angelo Phone: 512-829-5800
Email: sarah@dangelo.info
VA, Fairfax Michelle Booth, LCSW Phone: 703-383-8447
Email: michelle.booth@fairfaxcounty.gov
VA, Falls Church Andrew Denison, LSWA, BSW, CSAC Phone: 571-278-1217
Email: EASRelief@gmail.com
VA, Herndon Janine Murphy-Neilson Phone: 703-596-4205
Email: janine@jmntherapy.com
VA, Linden Dona Witten, Ph.D. Phone: 703-980-1878
Email: drdonawitten@gmail.com
VA, Sterling Mindy Zurawski, www.mindyzurawski.com Phone: 703-307-2229
Email: mindyzurawski@gmail.com
VA, Winchester Christine Langley-Obaugh, Med Phone: 540-931-6268
Email: clangley204@aol.com
Washington D.C.Dr Habil Chrhistian Kohlross Email: christian.kohlross@gmail.de

TIR Practitioners - All Regions

Region #AreaIncludes countries and/or territories
1North America Canada , Guam , USA , Virgin Islands
2Europe & Middle East Albania , Austria , Belgium , Bulgaria , Channel Islands , Denmark , England , France , Germany , Ireland , Israel , Italy , Netherlands , Palestine , Portugal , Romania , Saudi Arabia , Scotland , Switzerland
3Southeast Asia China , Indonesia , Japan , Korea , Macau , North Korea , Phillipines , South Korea , Taiwan
4Australia, Central & South America Argentina , Australia , Bolivia , Brazil , Chile , Ecuador , Guyana , Mexico , New Zeeland , Paraguay , Peru , Puerto Rico , Trinidad and Tobago , Uruguay , Venezuela , West Indies
5Russia, Africa, India India , Mongolia , Russia , South Africa

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